View Full Version : DV Video mount for side-by-side

04-27-2008, 06:56 AM

Ironflight asked for some photos of our video mount. Nothing particually clever but photos below.

Some notes:
the base can be tilted with retaining screws at the front, this has been set to allow a good mix of panel and sky.
a locating nobble provides a key to help realign the camera each time
the camera is far enough back to be able to get the width of the cockpit, but means that it needs to be recording before the shoulder belts are done up
the audio line is a 3.5 mm socket in the C channel and is wired to the passenger audio line on the Garmin 340. Therefore I can optionally have just cockpit voice, radio or both.
the audio line needed a pair of resistors to attenuate the signal a bit - 10K spings to mind but test it out. Part of the problem is the camera being 'clever' and having a high auto gain on the mic input.
the centerline for the camera is offset to the right side of the aircraft to try and reduce the amount of my right ear that is in shot. Actually works ok even with the P2 position filled.

http://www.rvproject.gen.nz/photos/2008-04/Web_Img_1521.jpg http://www.rvproject.gen.nz/photos/2008-04/Web_Img_1522.jpg

Just some ideas for the next person.