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10-16-2007, 09:45 PM
hi guys im kinda confused what i read on harmon rocket web is that basicly its rv-4 kit with some mods etc ,what about empenage is it same as rv-4 ?thank you

10-17-2007, 03:53 AM
Not sure what you're looking to find out but be sure to check out the other 'Rocket' at www.teamrocketaircraft.com !!!!
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Tom Martin
10-17-2007, 04:44 AM
The stock Harmon Rocket II does use a RV4 tail. Some of the fuselage and wing parts are from an RV4. You purchase the remaining parts and finishing kit from John Harmon. I used a RV8 tail on my two HRIIs.
Mark Fredrick offers a quick build F1, from Team Rocket, and it comes with a dedicated tail. There are no RV parts in a F1 kit. Currently there are two variations of wings, the sport wing and the EVO, which is a tapered wing.

Aden Rich
10-20-2007, 08:51 AM
One other thing to note about the tail kit from an F1 is that it is considerably beefed up over the stock RV-4/8 tail kit. It was designed for that airplane. Not that you can't beef up your own RV-4/8 kit but the F1 has that built in from the start.

10-20-2007, 12:34 PM
,i know but what i found out is that original harmon rocket is rv-4 tail shorter wings wider fuselage bigger engine the evo f1 is different story

Aden Rich
10-20-2007, 03:52 PM
I'm building the EVO, so if you would like you can call me to find out more info on it. 1-360-636-6074

11-17-2007, 03:26 AM
If I buy the F1 empenage kit from teamrocket will it graft into a HR2 if i decided to go that way?

Aden Rich
11-18-2007, 05:01 PM
You can put a RV-4, RV-8, F1 tail on any Rocket. You will have to pay close attention to some demensions on the horz stab from the rear spar to the front where it ties into the bulkhead spars on the fuselage. I've seen about every combo on a Rocket. The RV-4 tail kit is the weakest of the bunch and does not have a counter balanced rudder. I would go with a counterbalance rudder if your building a Rocket just to be on the safe side. I've heard of two Rockets losing their rudders during high speed flight due to flutter with RV-4 tailkits.

11-19-2007, 11:20 AM
hi guys im kinda confused what i read on harmon rocket web is that basicly its rv-4 kit with some mods etc ,what about empenage is it same as rv-4 ?thank you

If you build by HRII plans, one mod to the RV4 empennage is to raise the nose of the bottom leading edge rib in the vertical stab by 5/8" to accomodate the turtledeck of the Rocket fuselage. The Harmon plans also show a v-shaped 0.016 doubler inside the length of each control surface trailing edge, just wide enough to pick up the trailing rivet of each stiffener. Some builders use the optional 0.020 elevator and rudder skins over the stock 0.016.

The Harmon plans also show a different way of finishing the leading edges of the rudder and elevator that does not involve riveting the top and bottom together, but that is optional.