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07-21-2015, 03:45 PM
I have and older friend with an Team F-1 Rocket who has never been able to get his Garmin G3X to display fuel level. The kit's leading-edge fuel tanks had wires coming out of them and those are what he hooked his gauges into. He subsequently tried to contact the kit company (Mark?) and wasn't able to get anybody. He's not as web savvy as most of us so I figured I would try to help. He's got close to 200 hours on the bird and has been using time and fuel totalizer vales for fuel management.

He also put in a manual tach and volt meter as the G3X doesn't seem to be showing those values. I think a visit by a savvy G3X guy would be in order.

What type of fuel senders (if any) did Team Rocket ship inside the Sport Wing fuel tanks? I would like to try and help him.

While we're on channel he also sees about 200 mph with an approx 290hp IO-540 (Barrett parallel valve with flow enhancements, higher compression and stud reinforcement) turning an MT 3-blade at 2500rpm and full MP. Is that a typical number for an F-1 Sport Wing?



07-21-2015, 05:59 PM
I believe the sending units are of the resistance variety. For information regarding the G3X see page 28-120 of the installation manual. Has links to the calibration procedure as well (starts on page 28-128). The installation manual has a wealth of information regarding setup.

Once you have read the related material and if you still have questions send an email to "g3xpert at garmin dot com". These guys are great at responding and very helpful. However you might want to wait until the middle of next week to contact them - suspect they are busy at Oshkosh right now.

Speed seems a bit slow (at least compared to my EVO) but how confident are you that the number is accurate? Has it been determined, and confirmed, via 3 way gps testing?

07-21-2015, 08:47 PM
The senders are 33-240ohm type - same as are used in the Vans setup. I do not know how to set up the Garmin - should be in the manual.

The senders will say 'full' before the tank is filled, so measure carefully. The Evo tank senders only measure to 16gal, so the pilot has to brun off 10 gal before the gage will say any fuel has been used. I'm sure the Sport wing tanks are similar, but I can't recall the numbers.

Your 200mph claim sounds a bit low, but altutude and temp will affect this, along with the static port location....and another 100 or so factors. The MT is not the fastest, but it is the smoothest!

Carry on!

07-22-2015, 10:06 AM
Thanks for the responses, guys. They're very helpful for getting started in the right direction.