View Full Version : Calibrating Dynon AOA in a Rocket?

08-24-2014, 09:16 AM
I think this is a Rocket specific question, if not, mods please move to a more appropriate section.

The Dynon calibration instructions require a series of stalls so that the airplane experiences the max AOA it can see in its envelope. Among several other flight conditions, this requires full throttle stalls both flaps up and down. I've done this series and as many Rocket owners know, this results in a ridiculously nose high attitude at the break. So even though the calibration is "complete", I'm still flying the base to final turn with only the last red bar showing. This is my first AOA experience, but I think that is supposed to be telling me I'm stalled already. I know from experience however, that it have plenty of margin left.

So, I essentially have a set of pretty lights on the panel that provides little valuable info, so I ignore it and fly by feel, as I usually do.

I know plenty of RV's have this instrument calibrated properly... Should I just do the power on stalls at half throttle to simulate the RV behavior? (Sorry if that last part sounded like a dig at the RV's... It was not intentional). How are the other Rocket owners calibrating the Dynon AOA?

Thanks much.