View Full Version : These things just look FAST :)

08-20-2006, 01:19 PM
Ya know, I've said it a few times... "If I weren't building a Lancair, I'd be building an F1 Rocket".

These things just look fast.

The below is a new F1 with EVO about to pop out of Alan Woodsons paint shop (texasaerocolor.com). For those that don't know, Alan paints a bunch of the unlimited Reno Racers and from all indications does an absolutely *outstanding* job.

Hmm, people talk about a Super 8, but then they want the fastback option. I suppose these are more expensive than getting a fast build 8, and then buying the aftermarket fastback option that showplanes.com offers, but from what I've heard, these are roomier than an 8, and with the EVO wing, seem to be a bunch quicker.... (no personal knowledge known).


08-20-2006, 01:26 PM
...now that is nice. If I could afford an engine that size, and then the running and insurance costs, I may well be tempted after the -8. Unlikely, but you never know. I am planning to put the FB mod on, so maybe I can look fast-ish too :-)